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Expecting a Baby


Baby On The Way?

Expecting a baby? Call our office to schedule a visit to meet one of our providers and share with us your hopes for your baby and have your questions answered.

Prenatal Integrative Medicine Consultation

Carrying a child, we have hopes and dreams of a healthy pregnancy, birth, childhood, and ultimately adulthood. Our genetics can predispose us to many diseases, but the environment that your fetus/child is surrounded by can "turn off" disease-causing genes. NOW is the perfect time to provide the environment that we have control of to support your baby's health. 


An integrative prenatal session will address your family's health history and support you in the remainder of your pregnancy to provide the best environment for your growing fetus focusing on nutrition, sleep, movement, emotional support, and possibly supplements. 


This does not replace regular prenatal visits with your obstetrician or midwife. 


These visits are not covered by insurance. We charge $100 for a session. Whether or not you are able to pay this fee, WellBeing is committed to partnering with you to have the healthiest baby. Please call or text the office at 607.602.2083 to set up a session.

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