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Art of WellBeing

We decorate our walls with inspiring works of art.

WellBeing has partnered with Ithaca Murals to create a series of murals on our building on 3rd Street. It is our goal with this project to showcase artists and add some more beauty to the community. Future projects will also involve local young people in the creation of the murals.


Front of Building: Jay Stooks

Jay Stooks, an Ithaca native, has been creating art and murals for over 20 years. He is inspired by hip hop, graffiti, skateboarding, and pop culture. More information on Jay Stooks.

Stooks Mural Final.jpg

Side of the Building Mural 1: Anna Pausch

Anna Pausch is a local artist working as a printmaker, painter, and educator. After graduating from Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt) with a BFA in Printmaking with a Minor in Fibers in 2015, she returned to the lush Finger Lakes where she grew up. 


Her art is inspired by the beautiful local natural forests and landscapes of the Finger Lakes. Similar to the contrast of city life to rural life, her paintings explore the space between and overlap of the white-walled fine art world and the playful messy of crafts with children.

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